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we stand for quality, finesse and an unforgettable whiskey experience!

Get To Know Us

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Our Mission Explained

We aim to take the whiskey experience further than just what's in your glass. Most of the time, whiskey isn't a drink you drink every day of the week, therefore whiskey is enjoyed in special moments. Our mission is to let people enjoy those special moments.

200.000 Happy People

In these last years Whisiskey has managed to satisfy over 200.000 happy customers spread over several countries in Europe and the United Kingdom. This is a true milestone for us. We are keen to let everyone enjoy their special moments. 

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Enjoy Special Moments

At Whisiskey, we believe that whiskey is more than just a drink—it's a journey of complex flavours hidden within a single glass. An experience all on its own. But why start this experience only with the first sip? That's the question we asked ourselves at Whisiskey.

glass shaped into handmade decanter using fire