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- Are there whiskey tastings in Utrecht? -

It’s Friday again, which means our thoughts are at zero and we can discover or rediscover something new. For this reason we’re going to Utrecht in this blog! Looking for the unique whiskey tasting? Then you’ve come to the right place. We look for the differences in the tastings and list them for you.

There are several whiskey tastings in Utrecht. The Malt Vault, Whisky4all, Rubens Tasting Room and Matter of Taste wine and whiskey trade. In this article the providers of the tasting rooms are discussed, each with their own experience of the whiskey during the tasting.

houtvaten whiskey proeverij

The Malt Vault

When you search on Google for tastings in Utrecht, The Malt Vault will soon come on top. It is located in Utrecht at the Oudegracht at the Werf 54 A. They are designated as the whisky bar in Utrecht. They have a unique concept opposite. Their reasoning is that they want to convey the joy of whisky to beginners and connoisseurs.

The whisky collection of The Malt Vault consists of 300 varieties, so there is something for everyone. Besides whiskeys, they also serve shelves with cheese, meat or chocolate.

The concept of The Malt Vault is that the whisky is categorized here by taste. Instead of the region from which it originates as you usually see. Within this concept you get to know whisky in a bird’s-eye view. It goes as follows: you get a shelf in front of your nose with three tasting glasses of whiskey of 20 milliliters. You can even choose drill the beginner or the advanced. Just where you need it. In addition, you can also just come and drink a glass of whiskey with them – or more – is also possible here.

The Malt Vault specializes in food pairing where they offer matching bites with the whiskey. Think of the traditional Scottish haggis up to Bourbon marinated belly bacon. The most enthusiastic of these is the combination of whiskey and chocolate. If you go for the chocolate board, you get chocolate from Mesjokke; a chocolate maker from the region.

More than whiskey
It’s not just whiskey but more than whiskey. You can also do a vodka tasting there. And gin and rum can be found here as well as beer and wine. But if you’re still curious about whiskey, then at The Malt Vault you can explore with peace of mind.

Matter of Taste wine and whisky trade

Wijn en Whiskyhandel Kwestie van Smaak

in Utrecht is the candy store for adults. It is located at Helling 11 in Utrecht.

They offer different whisky tastings with themes. These tastings go in combination with various delicacies. At the tastings they answer the questions:

How do I taste whisky?
How does the smoky scent of whisky come into being?
What is my taste?
Why are there tears on my whisky glass?”

In their tastings you will discover together with “The Matter” the many characters in the worlds of Wine & Whisky.

Different themes
They have a new theme for the different tastings. I will discuss with you some of the tastings they offer. They provide a unique experience with always a different focus within the world of whiskey.

  • Whisky tasting “The unknown Whisky Country’s”
    On this evening they introduce you to five whisky countries that are still relatively unknown to the whisky lover. Think of countries like the Netherlands, Italy and India for example. Enjoy a surprising and educational evening with delicious whiskies and various delicacies.
  • Whisky tasting “Barrel aged beer & Whisky” In
    recent years, more and more beers are matured in old whisky barrels, resulting in even richer flavors and complexity. On this evening you will taste three barrel aged beers, aged on different whisky barrels. After each beer you will also taste a whisky from the producer of the original barrel.
  • Whisky tasting “Coastal Maritime Whiskies”
    During this evening they will introduce you to the whiskies with maritime and smoky influences. Coming from the various whisky islands or from distilleries on the coast. Enjoy a surprising and educational evening with delicious whiskies and various delicacies.

Rubens tasting room

The wine festival hall of Utrecht and one of the best kept secrets of the city, that is Rubens Tasting Room. They offer not only wine but also whiskey. Rubens Proeflokaal is located on the Utrechtse Nieuwegracht. Here one comes to enjoy delicious and special wines and whiskeys in a cozy atmosphere. At Rubens Proeflokaal you can also go for a private drink, party, lunch or even a boat trip. The café is open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

At Rubens the bar staff has knowledge of the drinks that are served and will be happy to tell you more about this. The same goes for the snacks that can be eaten with the drink. A cheese platter, sausage platter or another surprising alternative for the extra taste sensation, it’s all possible! The tastings they offer are with or without amuses for 90 minutes. They specialize in giving different kinds of tastings, explaining tasting, preparation, origin and traditions. In this tasting of an hour and a half you will taste 6 different kinds of whisky. After a fun and instructive tasting you will learn more about whisky and its background.

Drinking with the mates


The owner of Whisky4all wants to transfer his love and knowledge through tastings, whisky festivals and the Taste Olympics. The whisky tastings are provided for individuals and for companies this can be for a bachelor party or at a fair. There are several possibilities to organize these activities on location but also online. There can be a custom made tasting.

There are many possibilities for a tasting. Possibilities can be: whisky from all imaginable countries, from all imaginable ages and from all imaginable price categories. They even came up with a solution in this corona time. Online tasting, that makes you curious.

Most chosen themes are ‘Standard’, ‘World’ and ‘American’. In the 1st the accent is on Scottish single malts, in the 2nd on (very surprising) whiskies that do not come from Scotland. And when it comes to ‘American’, you get with Whisky4all the expert in this field in house. Count on a very surprising line-up here as well. For this tasting is best experienced as there are so many possibilities because you can customize them yourself.

Tastings are available for both beginners and advanced enthusiasts, for individuals and for companies. This is the activity to bring yourself closer to whiskey and also to your loved ones.

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