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- What is an unique housewarming gift? -

Friends, family they each walk their own path. Yet it is often the case that they eventually reach the milestone of their own home. Finding a house isn’t easy these days. All the wishes there are in combination with the right price makes it a difficult task. When that is all over, it’s time for a party.

Housewarming parties are becoming more and more popular. How fun it is to share your milestone with your loved ones. Then you get the invitation on the mat and then you think what do you give someone during such a party? Many gifts are not that original anymore. Since you don’t know the style and decor of the house yet, it’s hard to find the perfect gift. What is a unique housewarming gift apart from the standard gifts?

A unique housewarming gift is just the finishing touch to the house. Of course there are exceptions where you are asked for things that are really needed. When this is not the case, a unique gift is more special. Who knows, maybe it will be placed in the living room so they will still have thought of you every day. That is the ultimate goal. I have searched for the unique possibilities for a housewarming gift and our unique carafes are also discussed.

man krijgt cadeau van vrouw

De standard housewarming gifts

Usually people bring a number of standard gifts during a housewarming party. The bottle of wine is basically always good, but not as original. Also a scented candle, vase, bunch of flowers or something else for the house is often brought as a housewarming gift. Below you will find original gift ideas for the housewarming party.

Usually people bring standard gifts to the housewarming party. A bottle of wine is always good, but not that original. Usually people bring scented candles, vases, a bouquet of flowers or other gifts. Often these are just the standard and sometimes unnecessary gifts that are brought to the housewarming party. Gifts that are needed are, for example:

  • Wine glasses

A nice set of wine glasses many say no to that. It stays made of glass so 1 breaks faster, so reserves are always useful. You can’t get enough of beautiful glassware.

  • Package with luxury food

Instead of just giving a bottle of wine, make it a nice package. It is nice to have, for example, nice fresh nuts, good olive oil and a salt & pepper set. Several things are possible for this package.

  • A chic wooden cutting board

A stylish cutting board made of luxurious wood is perfect for serving snacks, cheeses and snacks. This is an ideal gift for homeowners to nicely present the snacks on the table.

  • A barbecue

A barbecue is often useful. This is often not the first purchase of the homeowners. It may be a somewhat pricey gift, but you could also give it together with other family members or friends.

  • A tray full of candlesticks

A cozy and cozy gift! Choose a nice tray and place it with candlesticks, candles or decorative sand. Wrap it up and give it to others!

  • A cookie tin

This gift can be nicely personalized. You can place a nice picture on the lid and even fill the cookie jar with homemade cookies. The smell of baked cookies who doesn’t like that smell.

Unique housewarming gifts

Of course we start with our own whiskey carafes. This is quite a unique gift to arrive at a housewarming party. This completes the house by placing it on a dresser which gives a sophisticated chic look in the living room.

This Whisiskey® Decanter Carafe set is made of beautiful high quality glass blown by hand, giving it a chic and luxurious look. Together with the antique glass ship that is incorporated into the globe gives it an adventurous look. In every room this unique design will shine making this a unique gift for a housewarming party.

  • Magnetic Beer Tree

Unfortunately the beer tree doesn’t produce any beer… but what it does is collect your beer cups. This ensures that the house stays tidy and you can still play with the beer cups. The magnetic beer tree can carry up to 60 caps. You throw your beer cap to the tree and because of the strong magnet it stays neat and tidy. Yet a unique gift and the house remains tidy what more could you want.

  • Personal toilet calendar

Wherever you visit. During a visit to the toilet you will always come across the well known toilet calendar. Toilet-calendar itself is not so unique but when you personalize it it will be. It just provides the icing on the cake of the house. You can also make your own calendar!

  • Storm glass cloud

A storm glass in the shape of a cloud. With this product you know exactly what the weather is going to be. The liquid in the glass indicates whether it’s going to be sunny, raining or maybe even snowing, all you have to do is look. The storm glass stands on a wooden stand making it stylish to look at.

This whiskey decanter set from Whisiskey® with stylish design is a feast for the eye and an optimal mood maker. The hand-blown whiskey carafe is in the shape of a diamond and gives any whiskey or other drink a chic and luxurious look. This is a real eye catcher in the house and an ideal gift to take with you.

In short, enough choice for a unique housewarming gift. Make sure you’re in mind every day by bringing a stylish gift with you.

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