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- How long does whiskey stay good in a decanter? -

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Just ordered a nice carafe at Whisiskey! But now you’re wondering, how long will whiskey actually stay in the carafe?

Whiskey stays in a carafe as long as in the bottle, 1 to 2 years. The quality of the whiskey is not affected in the carafe if you pay attention to the following 3 points:

  1. Make sure the carafe is big enough for the whole bottle. This way you don’t have to spoil any of the whiskey.
  2. Make sure there is no lead in the carafe. Lead gives off in the whiskey and changes the taste. Lead is also poisonous and therefore not fine in your whiskey.
  3. Make sure the carafe has an airtight cap. This will prevent air from entering the carafe and the taste of the whiskey will not be affected.


The carafe has been in use for a long time. People used to go to the market with their carafe and fill the carafe directly from the barrel. Nowadays this is not done anymore but people have a carafe at home. In this time they buy a bottle of whiskey at the liquor store and then donate it to a carafe. A carafe is more fun in the living room than a bottle.

The biggest advantage of a whiskey decanter is of course the looks it brings. Nowadays carafes are available in different shapes, sizes and materials. Often a carafe is a showpiece in the room and the pride of a man.

In a whiskey carafe you can store small quantities. Carafes come in different sizes and can therefore be adapted to the remainder of the whiskey. It is important that a carafe is not more than half the size of a carafe. If this happens there is too much air in the bottle. Too much air will change the taste.

Although the whiskey is taken out of the bottle and put into the carafe, the taste of the whiskey will remain the same. It is important that a few requirements are met if you want to preserve the taste of the whiskey in the carafe. The following points should be considered:

  • Make sure the carafe is airtight, there should be as little outside influences as possible.
  • Make sure your carafe is clean before you put new whiskey in it. For this it is useful to use the cleaning balls. These clean every part of a carafe. If the carafe is not clean properly, it is possible that the flavor will change because of the residue.
  • Make sure the carafe is at the same temperature at all times. Temperature differences will cause the taste to deteriorate. It is best for the whiskey to be stored between 15 and 18 degrees.
  • Make sure the carafe is not in direct sunlight.
  • Make sure the carafe is not less than half full. If the carafe is less than half full, there will be too much air in the whiskey. This will cause the taste to weaken within a month.
  • Make sure the whiskey is kept in the dark before you put it in the carafe. This has not much to do with the carafe but is to ensure the taste of the whiskey. A dense bottle of whiskey can be kept for a very long time.


You can distinguish whiskey carafes in terms of shapes and materials. The shapes can of course not be counted on one hand. There are round carafes, squares carafes and 34324 other shapes. With the materials there are generally only 2 types possible. Glass decanters and crystal decanters.

Glass carafes are generally cheaper than crystal carafes. This is because crystal carafes are more expensive to produce than glass carafes.

Crystal carafes are only recommended if they are lead free. Lead is poisonous. If the whiskey is in the carafe for a long time, the lead will slowly give off in the drink. So it is certainly recommended that you look carefully to see if there is lead in the carafe. In the past a lot of crystal with lead was used, but nowadays the crystal glass is produced lead free. This prevents that problem

A nice fact is that crystal glass can only be called that when it contains 10% lead. Because lead is poisonous and gives off in the drink, today’s crystal carafes are made of lead-free crystal glass. Titanium oxide is the substitute for lead. This is non-toxic and also a lot stronger than lead. It is also true that the crystal sound is guaranteed.

All Whisiskey carafes are of course lead free.


Whisiskey currently has an assortment of 11 carafes. All these carafes are tested on quality and usefulness. From these tests only the best is left for you. Below the carafes are listed with a small explanation.

Decanter AK-47 lying

A carafe with a unique design. This carafe (in the shape of an AK-47) is a showpiece in the living room or on the work floor. It comes with 4 bullet glasses, 9 whiskey stones, a pincer, a spout and a crowns ashtray. A complete set that is sure to impress your visitors and friends.

Carafe Globe

A carafe in the shape of a globe that can be removed from a stand. As a detail a sailing ship made of glass can be found on the inside of the glass globe. This detail makes the carafe unique in its kind. This carafe is available in 2 possibilities. You can order it as a set with 4 glasses or as a set without glasses. Both sets contain a spout, 9 whiskey stones and a storage bag for the stones.

Decanter Skull

This hand-blown decanter (all other decanters are also hand-blown) is blown in the shape of a human skull. Besides the details in the skull, this set comes with 4 glasses that also have the shape of a skull on the inside. With the 4 glasses 9 whiskey stones, a storage bag and a spout are included. A set that meets all the requirements of a whiskey drinker.

Decanter AK-47 rod

This carafe is the same as the carafe AK-47 lying but standing. It has a vertical stand that holds it in place. With this set belong 4 glasses with a bullet in it. The AK comes with 9 whiskey stones, a storage bag, a spout and a crowns ashtray. The stand has 2 handles that make the carafe easy to move.

Carafe Violin

This carafe fits with classical music. It has details to lick your fingers and is a showpiece near any musical instrument. With a floral decoration on the flat sides and a matching stand, this carafe is more than complete. This set comes with 9 whiskey stones, a storage bag and a spout.

Decanter Car

A glass carafe with a wooden casing in the shape of a car. On the back of the car is a tap that connects to the carafe on the inside to pour the whiskey. The car has a place on both sides where a glass can be placed to complete the picture. This carafe is an ideal gift for a whiskey lover with a car hobby. The set comes with 4 world glasses, 9 whiskey stones, a storage bag and a spout.

Carafe Sailing Ship

A carafe that suits a water rat or sea scout. This unique carafe is different from other carafes.  It has a very chic look and is a new focal point at any location. The carafe has a nice detail on the inside and has a tap for convenience. The set comes with 4 world glasses, 9 whiskey stones, a storage bag and a spout.

Decanter Airplane

A top gift for a pilot or stewardess. Unique because of the place where the glasses can be stored. Namely between the double wings. The carafe is half glass and half wood. Because of this combination it is different from other carafes. Just like the 2 carafes above, it has a tap at the bottom.  This set comes with 2 glasses, 9 whiskey stones, a storage bag, a spout and a pair of pincers.

Carafe Ox Horn

This carafe is a must-have for a traveler. The unique yet recognizable shape creates a beautiful carafe. Because of the sleek finish and the beautiful details, the set is almost complete. To complete the set it comes with 2 glasses, 9 whiskey stones, a storage bag and a gripper. On the product page a picture of a customer is included in the listing. Here you can see how beautiful the carafe comes into its own. This picture can also be seen at the beginning of this article.

Carafe Diamond

The last carafe in the assortment is the diamond carafe. This comes with a stand in which the carafe fits exactly. This carafe brings a piece of luxury into the living room. It is made for 900ml whiskey and comes with 9 whiskey stones, a storage bag and a spout to make it complete.

In short, an assortment to lick your fingers with and plenty of choice. Look around on the website and find your perfect carafe.

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