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- How do you store whiskey? -

The bottle of whiskey has been purchased! But how further? How long can you drink your whiskey after opening? How do you store the whiskey? How do you store an open bottle of whiskey without losing quality, smell, and taste? How long can it be kept if the bottle is closed? So many questions and that is why we investigate.

You store whiskey by keeping the bottle upright, keeping it at a constant temperature, keeping it in a dark place and keeping the cork moist. Preferably, make sure that the bottle is at least half full.

For the real whiskey drinker, this information is of course indispensable since it would be a shame if you just pull out the right bottle after months and notice after the first sip that the quality has deteriorated. It does not matter whether it is Scotch whiskey or Irish whiskey. In the blog below we tell you the do’s and don’ts for storing your good drink. It would be a shame if the bottle were stored incorrectly.

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How long can you keep whiskey?  

The very first question is of course how long you can store whiskey. It depends on whether the bottle is opened or closed. The amount of oxygen that comes with the whiskey determines how long you can keep the bottle.

With an unopened bottle of whiskey, you can store the bottle indefinitely. The saying goes, the older a bottle of whiskey, the more valuable the whiskey becomes. Some bottles that have been around for more than 40 years become worth 4 to 10 times as much over the years. You could even see it as investing.

A different story applies with an opened bottle of whiskey. Unfortunately, it cannot be kept indefinitely. When the bottle of whiskey is opened, you must drink the bottle within 1 to a maximum of 2 years.

Preserving the benefits of whiskey

Before we dig deeper into the how of whiskey storage. Let us talk a little more about the benefits of storing whiskey. You would think why would you want to keep your good bottle of whiskey? But there are real benefits to it.

We mentioned it before, an unopened bottle of whiskey that you can keep for decades can ultimately yield something. It provides attractive winnings when you own a unique whiskey bottle. The Scottish but also the Japanese whiskey bottles are increasing in value. They will certainly be worth 3 to 7 times as much. Another advantage is that the whiskey remains tasty for a long time and after a few years you will certainly taste a difference that you enjoy.

How to store whiskey

For the burning question on how does one store whiskey? With these tips & tricks you can keep that special whiskey bottle as if it were a work of art. When you store the whiskey under certain conditions, the quality, smell, and taste will remain good.

Hold the bottle of whiskey upright

You just bought your favorite bottle or just that unique bottle of whiskey for a special occasion. For sure you want the whiskey to keep its quality, taste, and smell. For this, the very first tip is to keep the bottle of whiskey upright. A bottle of wine benefits when it is lying down. Since the wine comes into contact with the cork, the taste improves.

When the whiskey comes into contact with the cork, the taste of the whiskey does not improve. There is a high chance that the whiskey will spoil because the whiskey contains a high alcohol percentage. When the cork comes into contact with the whiskey, the cork slowly crumbles, adding an unpleasant taste to the whiskey. It would be a shame if that special whiskey spoiled because of too long a contact with the cork. So always store upright!

Constant temperature

Another tip is to keep the bottle of whiskey at a constant temperature. The living room is not an ideal place to store your bottle of whiskey. The ideal temperature for the bottle of whiskey is between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius. It is important that the temperature does not fluctuate much in the room. The moment the whiskey gets too hot, the content will evaporate. This is of course a waste of the quality of the whiskey. For this, a closed space is the key to keep the bottle of whiskey. Think of the basement or possibly the pantry.

Dark space

Sunlight for whiskey is definitely a big no!! You can see it as if whiskey is allergic to the sun. When the whiskey is exposed to too much light, a chemical reaction is created. A negative influence will be added to the taste and the color of the whiskey will change. Once this is done, there is no other way to regain the flavor. It is therefore important that the whiskey is in a dark room. In any case where the sun does not shine. This applies to any whiskey!

Damp cork

If you keep your bottle of whiskey for a while and of course keep it upright, the cork will dry out. If you just take out your good bottle of whiskey but the cork turns out to be dried out, the cork will break off. This is of course a shame and you can easily prevent this.

Keep the cork moist. They are like the plants that you must water, which of course hardly ever happens. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be done too often for the whiskey but keep an eye on it. We have an easy trick for this. Invert the bottle so that the cork and whiskey meet each other for a few seconds. Make sure you do not do it too long!

When the bottle of whiskey has already been opened

You are probably wondering whether these tips & tricks also apply to an opened bottle. The above points also apply to opened bottles. However, it is certainly important to know whether the bottle has already been opened. Since the ratio of whiskey changes when it encounters oxygen. It is important to add as little oxygen as possible to the bottle of whiskey. In addition, it is also important to know whether a significant layer has already been removed.

At least half filled

We just talked about it, but when too much oxygen is added to the whiskey, the quality will deteriorate. The more oxygen in the bottle, the faster the ratio changes, so that the taste is less. This can even spoil the whiskey.

If you see that the bottle is less than half full, it is recommended that you transfer it to a smaller bottle or carafe. The amount of oxygen is reduced so that the whiskey has a longer shelf life and retains its quality.

Store whiskey in a carafe

Whiskey stays in a carafe just as long as it does in the bottle, 1 to 2 years. The quality of the whiskey is not affected in the decanter if you pay attention to the following 3 points:

  1. Make sure the carafe is big enough for the whole bottle. This means that nothing of the whiskey must be wasted.
  2. Make sure there is no lead in the carafe. Lead releases in the whiskey and changes the taste. In addition, lead is toxic, so it is not nice in your whiskey
  3. Make sure the carafe has an airtight cap. This means that no air is added, and the taste of the whiskey will not be affected.

If you want to know more about storing whiskey in a carafe, check out this blog !

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